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Farm-Specific Learning

Agrotics customizes data solutions for unique farms, considering variables such as soil type, elevation, and crop variety. Our personalized approach optimizes practices and helps farmers unlock the full potential of their farms throughout their life cycle.

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Product screenshot
Product screenshot

Why use Agrotics?

Grow smarter
Optimize your production
Position your business
Get real-time data and insights
Utilize your experience and expertise
Increase collobration
Sell faster
Focusing on increasing quality

In the palm of your hand

Experience the power of advanced technology and optimize your farming operations with ease.

Real-time agricultural data, powered by IoT

Timely decision-making, improved resource management, enhanced crop monitoring, increased efficiency and productivity, sustainable farming practices, and improved market planning.

Satellite technoloy

Satellite imagery technology empowers farmers and food companies in agtech. Farmers optimize irrigation, fertilizer use, and pest control. Food companies ensure quality, sustainability, and efficient sourcing. It enhances productivity, reduces costs, promotes sustainability, and supports global food security.

Stage management

Crucial for timing activities, managing pests and diseases, optimizing irrigation, planning harvests, adapting to climate change, and supporting research and innovation.

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Real time & historical weather data
Hyper-localized weather forecasts
Autonomous drone
Satellite analytics
Season planning
Stage management
Task management
Extended reports

Who is Agrotics for?

Farmers & growers

Farming cooperatives

Enterprises & Food companies

Research & Development

Meet our team

Agrotics was founded by a farmer with a vision to revolutionize farm monitoring. Now we’re a constantly growing team to make that vision a reality.

Sunnyvale, CA

1285 Oakmead Pkwy

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Salinas, CA

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