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What is Agrotics & our aim?

Agrotics is a SaaS-based Agtech platform that runs as a growers’ virtual assistant. It monitors, informs, predicts, and compares the data 7/24 to deliver the best insights relying upon unique conditions.

Agrotics is a farmer-founded project. We aim to create the world’s most understandable, accessible agriculture platform (App & web app) for growers, enterprises, and unions.

We want to introduce tech to farmers, no matter how big or small they are. We aim to ensure that technology will be part of the grower’s body and part of their farm for data-driven agricultural production under changing climate conditions & we want to create awareness of climate change and Carbon sequestration.

Climate change is urgent. It’s the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. Agriculture and technology are the most important industry for balancing our planet, and last Agtech is the Next Big Thing for sustainability and to mitigate climate change effect.

Revolutionizing Agriculture

Monitor. Forecast. Make better decisions.

Climate Monitoring

Understanding the climate and its effects on your crop. Tracking temperature and humidity, wind speed-direction, precipitation, evaporation, and more data for your farm with updates every 15 minutes. Optional IoT support.

Insect & Pest Management

Creating the life cycle of your orchards to know your orchard better. Pinpoint disease & pest attacks based on in-orchard conditions. Add images & notes with a map pin based on GPS location.

Frost Management

Remotely frost monitor across your orchard in real-time—comparable frost level reports. Automatically notify employees when temperature risk thresholds are met for preventive action of your team.


Agrotics enables all team members to work at the same time connected. Add images & notes with a map pin based on GPS location. Apply tasks and inform all.

Prescriptions & Season Planning

Plan your season for fertilizing, spraying, irrigation and others. Create your prescriptions and save them for easy planning. Then, the team needs just a click on our app for all applications on the field.

Satellite Imagery

We deliver crop health index and water stress index supported by satellite tech, based on Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 images. Monitor your orchard's plant stress and water stress for a better yield.

Historical Data

Historical data is essential to help you avoid making the same mistakes. We keep track of all your on-field operations and provide you with the historical climate and satellite data for years. It supports sustainable production and key investment decisions. We deliver worldwide historical data.

Reports & Analytics

Agrotics delivers comparable reports and analytics supported with ML, which helps you extract valuable insights that can lead to better plant health, crop yields, sustainable practices, and more. Join us and enable precision agriculture for data-driven decisions.


Agrotics has worked for more than five years on yield prediction. (Available for hazelnut for now). Depending on datasets, we work on other nuts & fruits for yield predictions and develop frost, pest & diseases predictions with advanced ML

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Mobile App

Our Mobile App lets you bring your business in the palm of your hand.

Monitor your farm from satellites, collect data through sensors or our data sources, get actionable insights for sustainable production. Increase your collaboration in your business work with all team members on the same page.

We bring the state-of-the-art technologies palm on your hand with the App.

Web App

Our web app is designed for both growers and food companies. It provides detailed comparative reports, analytics, and detailed planning features.

Food companies need advanced comparable analytics because they have to monitor high numbers of farms. They need to transform data into valuable insights for better decisions. The organizations that embrace analytics are rocketing ahead on the innovation curve.
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Start using it with just a few clicks


Download the app

Available in Apple's App Store and on Google Play.

Add your orchard

Simply draw your orchard on the map to add it.

Get Insights

Get data flow from everywhere.

Tech Stacks & Solution Partners

ML & Big Data

It brings the new value of data. M.L. algorithms are capable of learning from the data we provide Wide range of applications.

Satellite Imagery

Monitoring weather, vegetation and water stress indexes. Save time and money with data for better decisions.

Cloud Computing

Cost Savings, Secure, Flexibility, Mobility, Insight, Increased Collaboration, Disaster Recovery, Automatic Software Updates


The primary advantage of IoT is monitoring Air, Soil, crop monitoring in real-time. Speedy and easy operation.

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