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Mobile app

Our mobile app lets you carry your data with you wherever you go, into field, or into town. You can also capture pictures of pests, disease, or conditions from the field.

As farmers, we have to decide whether we fight against Mother Nature, or work with her. At Agrotics, we choose to work with her.

We built Agrotics to keep you informed on what Mother Nature is doing to your farm. Farmers who use Agrotics benefit from real-time, actionable data, from farm to hand. We provide the data you need to
work in harmony with Mother Nature, and stop fighting with her.

Health Detection via Satellite

  • Satellite images to agricultural applications and machine learning
  • Weather data for the crop such as current weather, and forecast
  • Accumulated temperature and precipitations
  • Soil temperature and moisture
  • Based on Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 images
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A Virtual Asistant

All farmers could use an assistant. Our virtual assistant is continuously monitoring, calculating, predicting, informing, and comparing data 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, to deliver the best insights. Our virtual assistant works with you, learns with you, shares new information, new analyses and never forgets anything.

Revolutionizing Agriculture

Monitor. Forecast. Make better decisions.

Data Sources

Access all types of data on and around your farm through the sensors, satellite, and from the other collaborative farmers as well as worldwide agriculture experts. Get past data, real-time data, and forecasts.

Data Ledgering

Recording data by hand is difficult in the field. Agrotics offers the best way to record and track all the data necessary to know your farm better. Preserve all your data with just two clicks.

Satellite Scanning

Would you like access to satellite-sourced data too? We provide advanced comparable analytics that combine space-based and terrestrial data in an easy to consume format.

Beauty of Planning

Use our simple seasonal planning tool. Leverage our AI to get the right timing for the farm applications throughout the growing season. Take control of your farm.


The prescription map conducts variable-rate fertilization. This process is the core of precision agriculture. It can not only save fertilizer but also improve economic and environmental benefits.


Farming is all about teamwork, as a team member, aligns the group to work on the same page in real-time. Can better teamwork yield better crops? Absolutely.

Historical data

Historical data lets you track improvements over time, providing critical insights essential to managing your farm. Historical data helps you avoid making the same mistakes twice.


Predictions help farmers get the most benefit from their data. It empowers efficiency; if you can measure, you can manage, and if you can predict, you can prepare, prevent, rethink and replan.

Alerts & Notifications

Our alerts and notifications tell farmers they should look at something important to take fast action. We offer many types of notifications to protect your farm, your crops, and sustain high yield production.

Tech Stacks & Solution Partners


AI are leveraging computer vision helps to find more efficient ways to protect crops and provide sustainability

Internet of Things

Monitoring the field in real-time, saved the time of the farmers and reduced the extravagant use of resources


Blockchain will help in enhancing the quality of the farming process as well as sustainable production


Centralized the all-agricultural related data. Always on availability, improve mobility and collaboration

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