About Agrotics

From farmer to farmers. Agrotics is a farmer-founded company.

Agrotics, founded by a farmer who sought to improve the way to monitor the health of his farm. The goal started to access the weather and soil data from his farm and relay that data directly into the palm of his hands. The project started from the farm and then turned into a startup business to serve all the farmers. It is a long journey and now combining with IoT, ML, AI, and Blockchain or shortly state of the art technology.
As farmer founded company, we know that we can not fight against Mother Nature but only cooperate with her in harmony for sustainability & production.
She is constantly sending signals. We should read the signs to protect her, and this is the only way to grow our business, increase our yield, and produce sustainable healthy foods. As Agrotics, we capture, collect data and make the data meaningful to deliver insights to take better actions on the field.
Agrotics also aim to bridge old experienced wise farmers and new-generation farmers.
Agrotics is happy to provide the beauty of state-of-the-art technology to all farmers on our planet.
  • Farmer founded
  • Mobile enabled
  • SAAS platform
  • Monitoring
  • Management
  • Farm Memory
  • Common Intelligence


Mehmet Coka

Founder & CEO

Güven Akçoban

Co-Founder & CTO

David Doll

UC Davis Farm Advisor

Ari Gorman

IoT Advisor

Mustafa Akçoban

IT Advisor

Basir Momand

Director Field Engineering

Erman Yurdakul

Attorney & Advisory Board Member